Ancillary Data

The ancillary products include a variety of data layers used in model components, or for depicting the geographic extents for which products were scaled, or for general purposes such as visual display of the model.

Version numbers used by DSL: 
3.x represents our first regional dataset as used in Natures network and is still used on some ancillary data that isn’t dependent on landcover.
5.x represents the updates released in 2020, primarily in landcover which then affected most other products.

  1. DSLland [updated 3/18/2020]:

  2. Subsysland (document shared with DSLland) [updated 3/18/2020]:

  3. HUC6 watersheds [updated 3/18/2020]
  4. Roads [updated 3/18/2020]

  5. Untransformed average annual daily traffic rate (shapefile) [updated 3/18/2020]
          version 5:
          version 3 (includes 2080 traffic):
  6. Edited high-resolution NHD flowlines (shapefile) [updated 3/18/2020]

  7. Northeast region [updated 4/20/2018]

  8. Ecoregions [updated 4/20/2018]

  9. States [updated 4/20/2018]

  10. Elevation (raster) [updated 2/20/2019]

  11. Hillshade (raster) [updated 4/20/2018]

  12. Subregions and urban growth projections associated with the SPRAWL paper  (shapefile) [updated 4/20/2018]

  13. Geophysical settings associated with the LANDSCAPE DESIGN paper (raster) [updated 9/10/2018]. Geophysical settings created by The Nature Conservancy used for our geophysical cores. See Anderson MG, Barnett A, Clark M, Ferree C, Sheldon AO, Prince J (2016) Resilient sites for terrestrial conservation in eastern North America 2016 edition. The Nature Conservancy, Eastern Conservation Science. for details.