Species Refugia Cores and Connectivity

In this project funded by the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center we used the Species Climate Refugia and Landscape Capability (as previously developed for the DSL) as a launching point to identify cores for 10 species and then quantify their connectivity and quality to inform conservation for those species.


Wood turtle cores and conductance

American Woodcock (AMWO)
Bicknell’s thrush (BITH)
Blackburnian warbler (BLBW)

Box turtle (TECA)
Cerulean warbler (CERW)
Moose (MOOSE)

Piping plover (PIPL) [sensitive data not distributed]
Saltmarsh sparrow (SALS)
Spotted turtle (CLGU) [sensitive data not distributed]
Wood turtle (GLIN) [sensitive data not distributed]